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Fabian Neuhaus

Born 1972 in Baden, Switzerland

  • Master's degree in Musicology, Ethnomusicology and Philosophy (University of Zurich/CH)
  • Studies in Composition with Zoltàn Cserépy (Zurich) and in masterclasses with Dieter Schnebel, Brian Ferneyhough and Marco Stroppa
  • Corporate Member of the Institute of Acoustics, UK (MIOA)

From the beginning of his career he showed great versatility working in music, sound engineering, room acoustics, electroacoustics, and musical instrument making, before making his name as a composer (1995-2002). His works for ensembles, orchestras and electroacoustics, often designed for particular indoor or outdoor spaces, won noteworthy awards and were performed at international festivals, by orchestras such as the Asko Ensemble/NL, Ensemble Aventure/D, and Collegium Novum/CH. He served as Musical Director of the Swiss pavilion Klangkörper Schweiz [Soundbox Switzerland] at the Expo 2000 in Hanover/D, as Head of Artistic Production of the Tower of Sound at Swiss Expo.02, and founded and headed the concert series Neue Klänge [New Sounds] in Schaffhausen/CH. 1996-98 he taught acoustics at the Private Institute of Music (PRIM) in Zurich.

In 2001 he began his collaboration with Inès Neuhaus, followed in 2003 by the joint foundation of their firm: initially named Sonic Atelier, now NEUHAUS Akustische Architektur based in Northwestern Switzerland. The team did several years of research into the connections between architecture/urban design and the acoustic quality of environments, and developed a holistic architectural approach to solving noise problems and creating rooms and urban spaces of a high acoustic quality.

Since 2006 the internationally active design consultancy has worked with clients in the public as well as the private sector, especially in connection with the design of indoor and outdoor public spaces. Among the clients of NEUHAUS are the Swiss Cantons of Zurich, Aargau, Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, Province of Upper Austria, Silhouette International, ABB Immobilien, Vitra, Novartis, Belimo Automation, Rieder Smart Elements, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Austrian Museum of Paper Production, Sehbehindertenhilfe Basel, Klavierwerkstatt René Waldhauser, L'Art du Son, Fürst Starhemberg'sche Familienstiftung, Waldhauser + Hermann Ingenieure, Barcelo Baumann Architekten and Blaser Architekten.


  • The European Soundscape Award 2014, 3rd place: city model Acoutopia – City & Sound
  • Swiss Art Award for Architecture nomination 2007: pavilion The City as a Resonance Space
  • Manor Art Award 2006: city model Acoutopia – City & Sound
  • Project Promotion Award from the Canton of Aargau 2004: research residency in Paris
  • Arts Promotion Award from the City and Canton of Schaffhausen 2003: soundscape project Mono 1/03
  • Pro Helvetia Music Promotion Award 2001
  • Arts Promotion Award from the Canton of Aargau 2000
  • Arts Promotion Award from the Canton of Aargau 1998
  • Contempo Award 1998, Schaffhausen