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  • "A production floor like a Stradivarius?! Now I get to experience every day how extraordinarily well Inès & Fabian Neuhaus have translated their theories into practice ..." show more >

    Klaus Schmied, CEO of Silhouette International Schmied AG, Linz/A

  • "A piece of luck, because Inès and Fabian Neuhaus not only develop radical and original theories, but in the design part of their practical work know how to reach all senses." show more >

    Musik & Theater, Jürg Odermatt, portrait of Inès & Fabian Neuhaus, November 2006

  • "An inspired merging of acoustics and sculptural aesthetic." show more >

    Tages Anzeiger Zurich, Caspar Schärer, review of the city model Acoutopia – City & Sound, 25 February 2006

  • "We began to feel good and responded in a positive manner. ... I started to realize that the acoustic had become more pleasant, the sound did not seem to resound or circle around any more. It has become much easier to understand what is being said ..." show more >

    Siegfried Wögerbauer, Head of Injection Moulding Production, Silhouette International Schmied AG, Linz/A

  • "My job is adjusting the machines, and it helps me a lot that I am now able to identify each machine by ear and tell exactly what they are doing."

    An employee of the Metal Production Department of Silhouette International Schmied AG, Linz/A

  • "One enters this town with its paths, squares, and a landmark with a feeling of wonder, gets immersed in a different world and learns to listen all over again. ... Every step an acoustic scenery." show more >

    Schaffhauser Nachrichten, Edith Fritschi, review of the city model Acoutopia – City & Sound, 3 March 2006

  • "Acoutopia is really another one of these invisible cities. In fact, it embodies the acoustic properties of cities. In this sense, the exhibition Acoutopia is the long overdue second volume of Calvino's Invisible Cities." show more >

    Dr Roger Fayet, Director of the Swiss Institute for Art Research, former Director of the Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen/CH, in his speech at the opening of the city model Acoutopia – City & Sound

  • "When you step out into the street after visiting this exhibition your ears will certainly be more receptive to your surroundings than before." show more >

    Schaffhauser AZ, Peter Pfister, review of the city model Acoutopia – City & Sound, 2 March 2006

  • "Before [the redesign] one could really feel lost in this gigantic hall. Now the acoustic guides you through the exhibition from place to place. It is now easy to find one´s way around; each area has its own character, and is interesting, and offers an experience."

    Sonja Neumayer, Director of the Austrian Museum of Paper Production, Laakirchen-Steyrermühl/A

  • "Again my sincere congratulations on the terrific exhibition you have realized."

    Philippe Nordmann, Chairman of the Board, Maus Frères S.A. Geneva/CH, founder of the Manor Art Award, about the city model Acoutopia