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Of Reverberation and Echo

Schaffhauser AZ, 2 March 2006
Review of the city model Acoutopia – City & Sound, by Peter Pfister

Their exhibition is an adventure park in the best sense of the word.

We experience this fictitious city as a place full of variety, which still gives us room to gain our own listening experiences.

The installation hovering in the air above head height near the long side of the hall is made of paper as well. Humorously named Mille Foglie (puff pastry) [literally "a thousand leaves"], it seems to float along like a giggling naval parade of windjammers.

[Inès Neuhaus and Fabian Neuhaus], who will be present throughout the running time of the exhibition, have created an interesting and entertaining park, involving both the intellect and the emotions. When you step out into the street after visiting this exhibition your ears will certainly be more receptive to your surroundings than before.