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A Production Floor like a Stradivarius?!

Klaus Schmied, CEO of Silhouette International Schmied AG, Linz/A

"I first met Inès and Fabian Neuhaus in 2007 at their lecture From Noise to Urban Sound, in which they presented original theories and compared architecture with musical instruments. A production floor like a Stradivarius?! Now I get to experience every day how extraordinarily well Inès Neuhaus and Fabian Neuhaus have translated their theories into practice, and what I had been looking for until then: acoustic design that feels right, that is aesthetically convincing, and enhances the architecture as a whole. Bespoke design solutions that fit perfectly, yet are achieved by comparatively economical means. Whether a space is about production, presentation or recreation: now we get Neuhaus on board of new projects right at the start."

Klaus Schmied, Silhouette International
Linz, 11 March 2010