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Acoutopia – City & Sound

Dr Roger Fayet, Director of the Swiss Institute for Art Research, former Director of the Museum zu Allerheiligen, Schaffhausen/CH, in his speech at the opening of the city model Acoutopia – City & Sound

"From the first moment I have been thrilled by the publication accompanying Acoutopia, and won over for the exhibition; firstly because of the high level on which Inès Neuhaus and Fabian Neuhaus as well as other experts reflect on acoustic phenomena, and secondly because of the form these thoughts are presented in. [...]

As an artificial set-up for experiments sheltered by the museum space, as a set-up in a White Cube which does not exist like this outside the museum, Acoutopia enables us to reflect on the connections between sound, material, form, and space. [...]

Acoutopia is really another one of these invisible cities. In fact, it embodies the acoustic properties of cities – or rather, to be precise, it embodies the reflection on the acoustic properties of cities. In this sense, the exhibition Acoutopia is the long overdue second volume of Calvino's Invisible Cities."