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Seeing the City With One's Ears

Tages Anzeiger Zurich, 25 February 2006
Review of the city model Acoutopia – City & Sound, by Caspar Schärer

Consistent with the idea of a model of an actual city, there are two different types of objects: active sculptures emitting sound and passive ones reflecting sound. What all these sculptures have in common is an inspired merging of acoustics and sculptural aesthetic. The Passive Sound Sculptures alone – 20 architectural elements structuring the space – are works of art already. [...]

The combination of all these elements in the exhibition hall in Schaffhausen forms Acoutopia, a city in which the ears guide your steps. [...] Only wandering about the space reveals all the secrets Inès Neuhaus and Fabian Neuhaus have built into it. In this context, the Passive Sound Sculptures play an important part. They scatter sound, redirect it, but conceal it as well. The ear becomes the primary aid to orientation. Long before a sound source comes into sight one can already localize it amazingly well. That way Acoutopia becomes a precisely composed comprehensive sculpture that challenges just as much as it serves both the ear and the eye.