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Resonating Bodies

Musik & Theater, November 2006
by Jürg Odermatt

In a way that is probably unique throughout the world, Inès Neuhaus and Fabian Neuhaus [...] analyse and shape the public realm, always centring their attention on its acoustic character.

A piece of luck, because Inès Neuhaus and Fabian Neuhaus not only develop radical and original theories, but in the design part of their practical work know how to reach all senses. That way their findings can be experienced, and their works are inviting and accessible even without any knowledge of their theories.

A "city" to walk around in, with a distinct acoustic anatomy – "what a beautiful noise". A piazza offered places to sit for those who wanted to rest, you could roam the outlined streets, all senses awake – performing the experiment of strolling through Acoutopia, I was obviously not the only one feeling almost alarmingly well.

To design spaces and environments in acoustically sensible ways in accordance with their respective functions – which is meant to result in better spatial orientation, among other things, and which leads the debate on noise emissions out of its one-dimensionality.