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Design guide Good Acoustic Architecture for Streetscapes by Neuhaus, published by the Swiss Cantons of Zurich and Basel-Stadt.

In urban areas around the world, people and animals have to cope with noise, and living environments are becoming increasingly dense and scarce because of it. This is especially true in the neighbourhood of traffic routes. With all the advantages around-the-clock mobility and means of transport offer us, the noise they cause is currently one of the biggest problems in urban areas. To create attractive, popular places requires up-to-date solutions that in terms of acoustics lead well beyond what was achieved before and at the same time are in tune with broader urban design goals.

In a design guide developed for the Swiss Canton of Zurich, the authors present a new approach to building design along traffic routes that is both architecturally holistic and acoustically sustainable. It focuses on the way spaces completely or partially enclosed by buildings act as sound boxes and strongly define the acoustic situation. Presenting ready-to-use architectural design principles, the authors show a path to creating satisfying acoustic conditions for people in and around streets and other traffic routes.