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The acoustic character of a place does by far not depend on sound sources alone: buildings and other three-dimensional objects shape the sound and the acoustic quality of environments.

Symposium in five rounds, open to the public, with the objective of discussing new paths to a constructive way of dealing with the acoustics of the urban realm. Bringing together nine experts from the fields of acoustics, architecture, engineering, psychology, and cultural science.

Round 1: Epistemological approach: Being able to grasp environments and get one´s bearings is a primary condition for surviving. Thesis: Spatial acoustics are a key factor in this.

Round 2: Perceiving urban sound, contributing to urban sound, being affected by urban sound; psychological and physiological aspects.

Round 3: Questioning the term "noise"; questioning standards regarding noise.

Round 4: Delivering great urban acoustics 1 – Possibilities in architecture and urban design: architectural, technical, and artistic tools; historical examples; present-day experiences.

Round 5: Delivering great urban acoustics 2 – Possibilities in urban planning: standards and regulations; cultural policies; education.

With: PD Dr Dorothea Baumann (interdisciplinary researcher on music and space); Dr Hans Joerg Zumsteg (CEO Aargauer Kuratorium); Christian Wäckerlin (architectural designer); Erhard Kargel (structural engineer); Matthias Kuhn (media artist, wortwerk.ch); Conrad Steinmann (musician, musical archeologist); Matthias Bosshard (psychoanalyst); Inès Neuhaus, Fabian Neuhaus (acousticians, designers)