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Installation Resonanzraum Stadt

Installation The City as a Resonant Space by Neuhaus.

The City as a Resonant Space is an installation that deals with the fundamental connection between the form of architectural spaces and their acoustic character. The architectural and soundscape part of the installation offers a live experience of this connection, while the text part conveys theoretical aspects of it.

The fact that the physical forms an environment is composed of shape its sound and define its acoustic qualities is rarely taken account of. However, considering the development towards higher densities in urban areas, we believe it will be inevitable to include this knowledge in planning and design processes, in order to create environments that work well and provide a good basis for variety and the peaceful coexistence of people.

The aim of this installation was to demonstrate how an island of tranquillity can be formed in the middle of a large, busy exhibition hall filled with installations (many of them using sound). To achieve this without sealing the space off, we created an architectural composition of structured wall elements combined with a tactile flooring material. To activate the space a bit, we added a curtain of resonating electroacoustic paper strips emitting subtle sounds.