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The cafeteria and function hall at Silhouette International headquarters in Linz, acoustic architecture by Neuhaus.

The company dining hall at the headquarters of the leading eyewear manufacturer Silhouette International, that also serves as a function room and the central meeting place for staff as well as visitors, used to have an unpleasant acoustic and atmosphere. While you could not help overhearing everything that was spoken at a distance, it was almost impossible to follow a conversation at your own table. Together with the noise from the kitchen and bar, lunch-breaks and functions used to be very noisy affairs. On the whole, the space lacked clarity and warmth.

As requested by our client, we took an evolutionary approach to remodelling the space. The aim of our design has been to create a generous communal place, that is clear and easy to read and conveys a natural, warm and lively atmosphere.

Betriebsrestaurant/Veranstaltungssaal, Akustische Architektur von Neuhaus

The cafeteria and function hall at Silhouette International headquarters in Linz, acoustic architecture by Neuhaus.

The composition of architectural details (newly added and modified ones) – their dimensions, materials, and exact positions – is designed to tune the space and produce a harmonious acoustic effect.

In this picture: rectangular pillars (modified), wooden ribs on the ceiling, vertical wooden louvres adding texture to the wall, and projecting ("floating") picture frames.

Apart from contributing to several other room-acoustical problems, a perforated ceiling used to produce an acoustic that made the space appear smaller than it actually is. We had the perforations closed with plaster, and added wooden ribs instead. Now the acoustic of the space reflects its real height and size. Remodelling the ceiling has also contributed to improving speech intelligibility, which is now good both at close range (individual tables) and in presentations, even when 200 people fill the room.


Vertical "luminous sails" between the windows on the north side, forming new structures.

At the north side, we added translucent acrylic elements designed to shape the room resonances and draw daylight into the hall.

These and all other newly added elements are proportioned and positioned to prevent the space from developing a droning noise (for example when chairs are being moved).


Faux-leather textile elements double as black out curtains.

At functions, speeches can now be given without using a microphone; textile elements, usually hanging below the window sills, serve as elegant black out curtains.


Vertical louvres made of wood, and in front of them floating rimless picture frames echoing the successfull rimless Titan Minimal Art glasses Silhouette is known for.

"Your design is exactly what I wanted for the brand."

Dr Andreas Aschauer-Martinelli, Brand Manager Silhouette International Schmied AG

"Design that fits perfectly, yet is achieved by comparatively economical means." 
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Klaus Schmied, CEO of Silhouette International Schmied AG

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