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Production floor scouring

Production floor for abrasive polishing at the main plant of eyewear manufacturer Silhouette International, with interventions designed by Neuhaus.

This project demonstrates the efficiency of our method of tuning spaces by correcting their proportions through architectural interventions.

This production space housing more than 50 heavy circular vibrators used to be dominated by massive low-frequency noise, which affected other parts of the building as well. With a small number of precisely positioned elements made of simple building materials, we have succeeded in lowering the sound pressure at 25 Hz to a hundredth of its original level (minus 20 dB). Air vibrations (at 7–14 Hz), that used to be clearly perceptible, have disappeared.

The previously heavily vibrating, "rattling" PVC gate, through which this picture was taken, stays now still.

We have developed a new technology for mounting machines, that is in operation here. It makes heavy machines like the ones pictured run quieter and more stable, and at the same time reduces transmission of vibrations to the floor and the air to a minimum.

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