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Acoustic oases in the urban fabric, sketch

Urban environments can be noisy, hectic and strenuous. An efficient way to provide such environments with more balance is to create acoustic oases: refreshing islands in the urban realm, the atmosphere and sound of which invite people to spend time.

Even small places that work outstandingly well acoustically have a strong positive influence and can ease the situation in a larger area. Furthermore, they serve as visible examples of an effective step-by-step approach to improving the acoustic quality of the urban realm.

Acoustic oases in the urban realm don't have to be costly! We use primarily architectural means to shape the sound of environments. Working with precise interventions designed to meet the specific requirements of the space, it takes comparatively little to create acoustically inspiring islands: in parks, gardens, squares, previously unused spaces and other environments.

With the project Acoustic Oases in the Urban Realm we would like to address representatives of cities, towns and communities, urban design as well as environmental noise agencies and other organizations who are proactive and want to take effective steps. We look forward to hearing from you!