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Austrian Museum of Paper Production

Exhibition boards in the main space of the Austrian Museum of Paper Production.

The aim of the redesign of the Austrian Museum of Paper Production was to create a new multimedia exhibition and make it a fascinating listening environment. Guided by the structure of the historical building, we created an individual acoustic identity for every space, which would provide a good basis for an eventful tour. As part of this comprehensive spatial composition we also designed and produced nine space sound installations.

Austrian Museum of Paper Production

Entrance to the exhibition of the Austrian Museum of Paper Production, with a view to the humming wasp's nest in the background, a natural inspiration for paper production.

The forms and positions of architectural elements added during the refurbishment are designed to create individual acoustic spaces in the foreground, with the gigantic volume of the hall being perceptible in the background.

Austrian Museum of Paper Production

New ceiling structure in a smaller room leading to the main space.

Here, wooden lamella ceiling structures are reminiscent of the historical way paper was hung up to dry. We designed this unique ceiling to harmonize a drafty and reverberating area, and transform it into a place that provides a sense of security as well as good speech intelligibility for groups making a stop.

Austrian Museum of Paper Production

Installation The River Traun, with a view of a historical wooden raft in the background.

By fine-tuning the ways objects, sound, and space interact, the exhibits are made to appear alive.

This hallway and its cool acoustic are the background for the sonic representation of a small, lively river. Wading along this "river", visitors reach a room filled with the sound of roaring water. Adding a movable raft and historical film footage projected on the wall, this installation enables a live experience of how wood used to be transported on wild rivers.

Austrian Museum of Paper Production

Paper production as it was in the old days: The Noisy Space with massive paper rolls.

The Noisy Space demonstrates the working conditions in a paper factory of the past: hot, dark, roaring with noise. We treated this small space to make it acoustically "invisible", and designed a sound installation that gives the illusion of a large, noisy hall, including a droning and vibrating industrial metal floor.

Austrian Museum of Paper Production, sound installation 'The Forest' by Neuhaus

The Forest in a gold frame symbolizing the new sustainable paper industry.

As a symbol of the modern paper industry's promise to treat the environment with care and protect it, we have created a healthy forest in a magnificent gold frame . Visitors are invited to take a rest here, and listen to the sounds of the forest and its inhabitants. The realistic projection by 48 hidden loudspeakers interplaying with the acoustic of the space, gives the impression of listening into a large forest.

"Before [the redesign] one could really feel lost in this gigantic hall. Now the acoustic guides you through the exhibition from place to place. It is now easy to find one´s way around; each area has its own character, and is interesting, and offers an experience."

Sonja Neumayer, Director of the Austrian Museum of Paper Production

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