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Mono 1/03 at Island of Werd (Photo: U. Ammann)

The project Mono 1/03 made it clear to what extent the acoustic conditions the built environment offers shapes its atmosphere, perception and use. For this reason we decided to focus our work on designing the architecture of urban spaces from an acoustic perspective.

"In one word: fascinating!"

Schaffhauser Nachrichten

The complete Mono 1/03 tour:

  • 1 June: Schaffhausen/CH
    Former monastery zu Allerheiligen
    Meeting point of cultural epochs
    Partner: Museum zu Allerheiligen
  • 2 June: Island of Werd/CH
    Intersection Lake Constance/River Rhine
    Partner: Franciscan Brotherhood of Island of Werd
  • 3 June: Constance/D and Kreuzlingen/CH
    Border checkpoint
    Crossing point between two countries
    Partners: Swiss Border Guard Kreuzlingen, Bundesgrenzschutzinspektion Konstanz, Zollkommissariat Konstanz
  • 4 June: Romanshorn/CH
    New Ferry Harbour
    Traffic intersection train/ferry/car
    Partners: Municipality of Romanshorn, SBB Romanshorn
  • 5 June: St Gallen/CH
    Gallus Square
    Meeting place of historical and contemporary texts
    Partner: wortwerk.ch
  • 7 June: Säntis/CH
    Mountain top station
    Encounter of nature and technology
    Partner: Säntis-Schwebebahn AG
  • 8 June: Götznerberg/A
    St. Wolfgang Church
    47°20′ N, 9°40′ E
    Partner: Kirchengemeinde Meschach
  • 9 June: Bludenz/A
    Railway station platform
    Intersection of 5 valleys
    Partners: ÖBB, Town of Bludenz
  • 10 June: Silvretta mountain pass/A
    Vermunt reservoir
    Partner: Vorarlberger Illkraftwerke AG
  • 11 June: Nauders
    Naudersberg Castle/A
    Historical law court
    Partner: Schloss Nauders
  • 13 June: Tösens/A
    Ancient Roman bridge
    Key passage of Via Claudia Augusta
    Partner: Municipality of Tösens
  • 15 June: Innsbruck/A
    ORF radio station
    Centre of radio waves
    Partner: ORF Landesstudio Tirol
  • 16 June: Schwaz/A
    Town square
    Historical silver mining centre
    Partners: Town and District Authority of Schwaz
  • 18 June: Alpbach/A
    Conference Centre Alpbach, piazza
    Meeting place of thinkers
    Partner: Congress Centrum Alpbach
  • 21 June: Salzburg/A
    Meeting point of cultural fields
    Partner: Elisabethbühne Salzburg
  • 22 June: Hallstatt/A
    Museum Hallstatt, piazza
    Historical salt mining centre
    Partner: Museum and Municipality of Hallstatt
  • 23 June: Scharnstein/A
    Scythe Works Redtenbacher
    Part of the historical Iron Way
    Partners: Redtenbacher Company, Christiane Luckeneder
  • 24 June: Schloss Kremsegg/A
    Courtyard near the observatory
    Intersection of planetary orbits
    Partner: Schloss Kremsegg
  • 26 June: Aschach/A
    Hydroelectric power station
    Centre of electricity and energy
    Partner: Verbund Austrian Hydro Power GmbH
  • 27 June: Ansfelden/A
    Anton Bruckner Centrum, piazza
    Meeting point of culture, commerce and transport
    Partners: Municipality of Ansfelden, Anton Bruckner Centrum
  • 28 June: Linz/A
    University of Art, courtyard
    Meeting point of art and industry
    Partner: Unitersity of Art Linz


  • Idea, production, performance:
    Inès & Fabian Neuhaus
  • Technical assistance: Urs Ammann


  • KulturRaum Schaffhausen
  • Pro Helvetia
  • Migros
  • Land Oberösterreich
  • Stadt Linz

  • Swiss radio & television broadcaster SRF
  • Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF

"What you have created has been so touching, joyful and – in combination with the whole scenery – so large, that I see it as a testimony of vitality, chance, beauty; of what is possible considering the limited time we are given."

A visitor by email

"In one word: fascinating! ... Like sitting around a humming transformer with rapt attention. Actually not without an element of comedy. But not at all ridiculous. An aeroplane passing by overhead; its sound being part of the event, just as much as the singing of the swallows in the sky. ... It has been thrilling from start to finish."

Schaffhauser Nachrichten, 3 June 2003, by Alfred Wüger

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