Logo NEUHAUS Acoustic Architecture

Acoustic architecture stands for architecture based on an acoustic perspective:

The design of forms, proportions, materials and flow to create well-balanced spatial compositions in tune with their context. Directly by means of architecture, without further ("artificial") add-ons, this is an efficient way of creating authentic environments that are robust to noise and offer the acoustic quality and overall character making them great places to use.

  • Large community spaces, squares and parks feeling welcoming and able to accommodate a variety of uses
  • Quiet areas and recreational zones even in dense urban environments
  • Streetscapes and traffic routes not walled off, but designed to be quality places
  • Arrangements of buildings and fašade shapes enhancing public spaces and protecting indoor spaces
  • Inner city development and higher-density urban areas without noise
  • Work environments supporting concentration, team spirit and communication
  • Reduction of low frequency noise for a healthy environment